Delaware Regiment at NY

Delaware Regiment at NY
Delaware Regiment Fighting Bravely at New York in 1776 (image courtesy the Delaware National Guard and the Delaware Military Heritage and Education Foundation)

Monday, September 2, 2019

Nevada City "Revolutionary War Days"  14-15 September 2019 Schedule!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Revolutionary War Days at Nevada City!
  September 14-15 at Pioneer Park!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Nevada City CA "Revolutionary War Days" 14-15 September 2019!

Mark your calendars for "Revolutionary War Days in Nevada City, CA. Parade on 15 September 2019, Sunday.
More to come as we get closer to the event.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Nevada City Revolutionary War Days! 8-9 September 2018

Nevada City Revolutionary War Days!
8-9 September 2018

As part of Nevada City's 52nd Annual Constitution Day Parade and Celebration, the Delaware Regiment and Brigade of the American Revolution will set up a Revolutionary War encampment with soldiers, musicians, and civilians demonstrating infantry drill & musket firing, skirmishes, soldiers’ uniforms and camp life, civilian clothing, sewing, book binding/paper making, weaving, spinning, surgery & medicine, and spirited fife & drum music. 

Besides these demonstrations, kids and adults may drill as Minutemen with wooden muskets.   Budding historians can engage in a scavenger-hunt-like history quiz ending at George Washington’s headquarters tent. Members of the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution will also be present to discuss genealogy and your possible connection to our Patriot ancestors.

Infantry soldiers will represent American Continental regiments representing the Delaware Regiment, the British 33rd Regiment of Foot, and Colonial Loyalists fighting for the Crown.

Flag raising and lowering at opening and closing times will be accompanied by fife & drum music performed by the California Consolidated Drum Band.  This is California’s official fife & drum band, which will play additional music throughout the day.  

Pioneer Park, Nevada City, CA. 

Saturday September 8 from 10 AM to 5 PM. 

Sunday September 9 from 10 AM to Noon.  

And don’t miss the Constitution Day parade down Nevada City's Broad Street, beginning at 2 PM on Sunday.  Our group is entered as a marching band and will include fifers & drummers, Continental soldiers, Redcoats, Colonial Loyalists, and Civilians. or

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mount Vernon Memorial Park HERITAGE DAYS - Presidents Day Feb 19

Come see the Delaware Regiment at Mount Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks, CA, near Sacramento. The event has many eras and participants. Rain or shine, 10 am to 2 pm.

Revolutionary War Days in Nevada City, CA - Sep 2017

"Revolutionary War Days"
9-10 Sep 2017
Nevada City, CA
After Action Report

On September 9th and 10th, 2017, the "Revolutionary War Days" event was held for the fifth year at Pioneer Park in the Gold Rush town of Nevada City in Northern California. The event was conducted by the Haslet's Delaware Regiment (Brigade of the American Revolution), and was sponsored by the Nevada City Constitution Day Commission. Nevada City celebrates Constitution Days that weekend, including a parade on Sunday afternoon. California’s official fife & drum band, the California Consolidated Drum Band, provided period music throughout the event and during the parade. The British Brigade’s 33rd Regiment of Foot supported its members’ participation at the event, joined by a New Jersey Loyalist.  The living history encampment included tented stations of Revolutionary War era civilian life and activities, fife & drum station, and an encampment of soldiers’ tents.

 Demonstrations included:
·   flag raising and lowering to fife & drum
·   soldier weapons inspection, manual of arms drill and firing demonstrations
·   skirmish between opposing forage parties
·   firing contest between Redcoats and Continentals
·   fife & drum concerts
·   replica George Washington camp tent with bed, desks, accouterments and chairs, telling stories of the “real” George Washington
·   kids drill with replica muskets
·   colonial chocolate beverage
·   apothecary/surgeon
·   milliner
·   soldier camp life
·   town crier narrating events and telling Revolutionary stories
·   soldier uniforms, weapons and equipment
·   Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) station on genealogy and American flags
·   History Hunt with kids completing a sheet of questions on the Revolution and identifying various camp activities, with a reward of several Ben Franklin gold coins (chocolate)
Public attendance was estimated to be about 300; good considering the very hot summer, although event weather was milder.  Those attending stayed at the encampment a long time listening to stories of the Revolution, watching demonstrations, asking questions and taking in the atmosphere. Eight large color placards told the story of the Revolution year by year. Visitors collected pamphlets of the US Constitution & Declaration of Independence at the event.  Drilling the public with replica muskets was again a huge hit and amusing to watch for spectators.  Redcoats and Rebels competed in a “volley firing while advancing” race, with both sides firing very effectively and the Redcoats taking a close victory. Reenactors from Southern California and Nevada joined local reenactors at the event. An evening group dinner at a nearby Nevada City restaurant in uniform provided well deserved relaxation and entertainment. The event concluded on Sunday afternoon with a Constitution Day parade with the CA Consolidated Drum Band, Delawares and 33rds marching as a joint entry through downtown Nevada City.  (We placed 2nd in the parade, behind the Submarine Veterans.)

We had a splendid time helping children and adults understand and appreciate the story of the courageous men and women who lived these times.